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"A small piece of bread with savoury topping."

Our Canapés are a far cry from this!

Canapés may be small packages, but they should always create a lasting impression and deliver a large, but clean, fresh taste sensation.

Presentation is 40% of appetite – we have an amazing array of beautiful platters and props that we use to compliment our canapés.

Whether classic or contemporary, historical or global – served on glass, perspex, terracotta, slate, bamboo or a hundred other choices – with further enhancements from flowers, herbs, candles, fairy lights, marbles, feathers or spices. We could list the options and fill the next 10 pages.

What is important is that each event is tailored perfectly to suit the occasion. Your selection is only limited by our combined imagination.

Some of our favourite canapés...
  • Won ton stacks of tuna carpaccio and lime salsa
  • Wasabi seared beef and watermelon with pickled ginger and coriander
  • Soup sips of gazpacho with herb olive and cheese straw stirrers
  • Yellow pepper tarte tatin with herbed goats cheese
  • Spoons of five spice duck with mango and crispy leeks
  • Little almond naan breads with chicken korma and mango chutney
  • Chermoula marinated red mullet on chargrilled flat bread with preserved lemon
  • Broad bean falafel with pecorino and fresh mint
  • Little waffle cones of lemon sorbet
  • Tiny honey biscuits with roasted peaches and caramelised almonds.