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Like our raw ingredients or expectant venues,
our first meeting will be ripe with possibilities.

Yours is an abundance of choice. Some people like a party with colour as riotous as their friends. Others may prefer a string quartet to serenade their desserts.

But we know you'll want to do things your own special way. Dancing until dawn or delectable dining – whatever your designs, we'll confidently manage them from the first tinkle of glasses to the last contented sigh.

This is your event – make it your own and we'll make it happen.

Top tips...
  • Beautiful invitations are always worth time, thought and money.
  • Consider flaming gas lamps to provide a welcome at the entrance and candle lit pathways for guests to leave by.
  • Long, colourful cocktails in elegant glasses, provide a welcome alternative to champagne on arrival – always provide a virgin alternative.
  • Always do a menu tasting – leave nothing to chance.
  • Create the right atmosphere – music is a must, but should be appropriate to the party.
  • Think about the possible negatives as well as the positives – always have plenty of umbrellas to escort your guests in and out.
  • Most people don’t host large parties often, it’s better to do it once and do it well. Attention to detail and careful planning will ensure you party is the talk of the town.
  • Be adventurous with the food and provide something different – space out the courses, to last throughout the evening.
  • For more tips and news read our blogClick-here-to-visit-The-Bovingdons-Blog