Bovingdons Masterchef 2018

19th March 2018 by Bovingdons

Bovingdons MasterChef 2018 got off to a flying start this year with seven unique London venues stepping over the threshold to compete for the first quarter’s trophy.

The first evening saw Chiswick House, Two Temple Place and Royal Hospital Chelsea step up to the stations to compete in this quarter’s ‘technical’. Night two bought Westminster Abbey, Royal Horticultural Halls, The Orangery and Lumiere London to Bovs HQ.

The Challenge

Our pocket rocket pastry chef ‘Fede’ had tasked the contestants with forming a White Chocolate rose with gold leaves.

The evenings began with a few bubbles to get everyone in the competitive mood.

First things first… melt the chocolate – arguably one of the most mouth-watering tasks!

Step two… cooling the chocolate to 29 degrees exactly, this part was less a race against time and more about patience.

Once the chocolate had cooled it’s time to pipe and begin to form the petals…

A good balancing technique was needed to chill the petals formed on baking parchment. There may have been a few mishaps!

The next step was to begin flower formation. For this you need a foil cup with approx. half a cm of melted white chocolate in the base. Next up – carefully peel your petals off the paper and begin to form your rose!

Between chilling, everyone was able to tuck into some cheese and wine – if anything the wine assisted everybody’s creativity.

Whilst the rose was safe and sound in the fridge, it was time to create the gold leaves. For this we used real leaves which we had collected – the most authentic way of creating the shape and pattern (don’t worry they were heavily sanitised – and it means you can try this at home!).

The leaves were dipped in yet more tempered chocolate and placed in the fridge to chill.

Once all the elements are thoroughly chilled, it is time to create your rose! Carefully manoeuvre the base and petals from the foil cup (FYI – it should come out all in one piece). Using the melted chocolate as glue, stick some larger petals and your leaves around the outside of the base to give your flower shape.

The final step… dust with gold powder and voila!

And here we have the winning rose, congratulations to Jess from Royal Horticultural Halls, your rose had good height, great petal variation and a nice gold sheen – you’re our star baker!

We were so impressed with everyone’s performances that we thought we would share a collage of some of our favourite roses… we can’t be sure they all survived the taxi journeys home

Until next time!